This price list includes all the standard items that we currently source.  If you need an individualised quote or a quote for items not listed on our pricelists, please log an Acquisitions Query request or call us at 021 650 1705. View more in our online catalogue.

ICTS has negotiated preferred partner pricing and educational discounts, where applicable, and these have been included in the pricing.

Price lists and specifications are:

  • subject to change
  • exclude VAT
  • subject to availability
  • subject to the rate of exchange ruling at the time of invoice
  • for UCT orders only

Prices are subject to change, errors and omissions excepted. All orders are subject to UCT's Finance policies and procedures

Due to an unpredictable Rand/Dollar Exchange rate, please confirm pricing with us before ordering.


Computer peripherals

Flash drives, iPods & iPads

For printer quotes, please contact us and we can assist you with finding the correct printer for your specific needs. 

Network cable options

Other options


Desktop components

Desktop options

Monitor options


ICT Loan Options


Portable computers and accessories

Notebook options

  • We are currently refeshing our notebook offerings for 2019.
    For Windows notebook options from Lenovo, Dell and HP, please click here and request a quote from us using our service catalog.

  • Apple MacBooks

Notebook Carry Case Options



Software options