What is Desktop Management?

Desktop management involves the use of a Desktop Management tool - such as Novell ZENworks - in order to automate various computer-related support tasks in an organisation. Troubleshooting, software installation, software patches, etc., can all be done via the network - reducing the turnaround time for IT support and simplifying and improving the management of computers in the organisation.

The ZENworks Systems Management solution communicates to each device by means of an “agent” that runs on the computer or device. The agent periodically “listens” for instructions from the ZENworks server and executes them accordingly.

How will desktop management affect me?

You will encounter ZENworks through the ZENworks Software Distribution (ZSD) tool (an automated method for installing software on Windows computers). Should you need support, you might make use of the ZENworks remote desktop application, allowing a support technician to remotely assist you.