Background and current situation

For details on the water crisis, see:  

The ICTS Water Conservation Initiative

The initiative was started on request from the ICTS Management team and a group was formed of interested staff volunteers. An Outlook group and a repository to store all resources was created. We then created a proposal made up of awareness for staff and the measures and actions that would need to be taken.

Once approved the proposal was set in motion and various deliverables have been created for the awareness and to facilitate the measures we want to put in place.

Water consumption at ICTS on Main will be measured on a daily basis so that we can track how we are progressing towards requirement of reducing consumption by 45%

We launched the initiative to all staff at ICTS on Main on 1 February 2018. See: ICTS Water Conservation Initiative launch presentation with voice over .

What are we doing at ICTS on Main?

Staff have been asked to participate in the water saving initiative to reduce our consumption by the required 45%.

  • Screens have been installed in the lobby area, displaying current dam levels and a host of water-wise material.
  • Posters have been put up in all kitchens encouraging staff to:
    • Not leave taps running and limit usage altogether.
    • Re-use their coffee and tea cups and plates throughout the day.
    • Scrape or wipe their plates clean after using them.
    • Ensure the dishwasher is full before running it.
  • Posters have been put up in all bathrooms encouraging staff to:
    • Avoid using taps altogether and never leave taps running.
    • Let yellow mellow; flush brown down.
    • Instead of using taps to wash their hands, use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Staff are encouraged to tweet tips about water saving using hashtags : #futurewater, #ICTSwaterwise and #defeatdayzero.
  • Water usage levels and water-saving tips will be communicated to staff regularly
  • Staff have signed the water-wise pledge board in the building lobby (pic).

Tips for saving water at home

  • Reuse all grey water captured from showers, basin usage and washing clothes.
  • Keep your showers to one minute and have cold showers if you can.
  • Let yellow mellow, flush brown down.
  • Use a cup instead for running taps while brushing teeth, shaving or drinking water.
  • Reuse cups, dishes and clothing wherever you can.
  • Harvest rainwater wherever and whenever possible.
  • Wear your clothes more than once, whenever possible and ensure full washing machine loads ( on eco setting) .

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