What is Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)?

WSUS is a locally hosted service which enables the automatic deployment of the latest Microsoft product updates (security patches) to the Windows operating system. WSUS supports updates for Windows, Office, SQL Server and Exchange. Future plans may include updates for other Microsoft products.

How does WSUS work?

ICTS maintains a server that automatically synchronises with the Microsoft Update servers. Once the server has synchronised the new updates from Microsoft, the Research and Development team tests them to determine their suitability for campus. Suitable updates are released to computers on campus.

After an update is released to campus, the Windows Update notification icon will appear in your System Tray (bottom right-hand corner, next to the clock). You must always accept the software updates that are offered to you.

What are the benefits of using ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM)?

ZLM is a locally-hosted service which enables the automatic deployment of the latest product updates for Linux SLED 10 systems that are connected to the UCT network. This means that you don't have to manage the update procedure yourself.  Once you have installed the ZLM-Agent, your machine will automatically receive any enhancements that are made to SLED or to its associated software packages (eg OpenOffice). As the ZLM server is located on campus it means that Linux users can keep their machines updated without having to use up costly internet bandwidth.