Perceptive Content (Previously ImageNow and WebNow) is an electronic content management system, with the main purpose of storing records.

About Perceptive Content

  • Records Management Programme: Perceptive Content creates an enabling environment for administrative business process owners to secure records in a managed way.
  • Governance and Compliance: Perceptive Content facilitates governance and compliance, as records are kept for legislative and / or auditing purposes for the duration that the records need to be retained.
  • Business Process Support: Perceptive Content can simulate paper-based processes and helps UCT move towards a paperless environment.

Access to Perceptive Content

  • Access must be approved by the relevant business process owner.

  • Perceptive Content users access records most often using the web client. A client that can be installed on a computer is also available if scanning directly into Perceptive Content is necessary (using a specialised scanner).

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