What is the CSS mandate?

Classroom Support Services (CSS) is accountable for centrally-bookable classrooms. Its role is to:

  • advise on and implement approved design standards for classroom equipment and infrastructure,
  • develop plans and oversee the creation of new classrooms and the renewal or upgrading of existing classrooms, and
  • support the authorised users of centrally-bookable classrooms for timetabled activities (defined as teaching activities scheduled in PeopleSoft and recorded in Syllabus Plus).
How do I get support in a classroom?

See: Classroom support at UCT.

I’m teaching in my department’s tut or seminar room. Can I get support from CSS?

No. CSS provides support for centrally-bookable venues only. Contact your department or the venue owner for support.

How do I get support for a private function?

When classrooms are used for private, for-profit and third party events, CSS charges for classroom support and the use of classroom equipment. To get a quote for support and/or equipment:

  1. Make sure you’ve already booked the classroom via the Venue Bookings department.
  2. Review the Classroom Support Services price list for an idea of what is available and latest costs.
  3. At least 48 hours before the event, fill out the CSS request form and email it to icts-css@uct.ac.za, along with your Venue Bookings confirmation. (Please fill out the form using Adobe Reader. Do not fill it out in your web browser.)
Can I contact the support team directly? I don’t want to go through the Helpdesk.

Classroom support is streamlined via the CSS Helpdesk. Although you’ll dial the same initial number as the IT Helpdesk (x4500), when you select option 2 and you’ll be put through to a special pool of consultants who are standing by to answer your classroom support calls.

We do not recommend calling the CSS team members via their direct extensions. Doing so may cause you unnecessary delays if the person you're trying to call is out of the office, on training or on leave.

How do I escalate my unresolved queries or complaints?

Contact the CSS manager.

How can I find out what's in a classroom?

Consult the Classroom Information Database for detailed information on all centrally-bookable teaching venues.

How do I connect and use the equipment in a classroom?

Detailed user instructions for all centrally-bookable classrooms are available via the Classroom Information Database and on a printed laminated page in each classroom (on the lectern / front desk).

How do I get access to the safe in the classroom?

If you're scheduled to teach in a particular classroom, hold your UCT staff card to the black proximity reader box attached to the safe. Hold the safe door as you tap your card to the reader, as it might swing open suddenly, which may cause injury.

If no proximity reader is attached to the safe, get the safe key from your department or the individual who booked the classroom for you.

Who do I contact if I need an additional table(s) in the front of a classroom?

If you need additional tables, please ask one of the Campus Cleaning Service staff in the vicinity to assist you.

How come some classrooms have high-tech equipment, but others don’t?

Over a five-year period, the Classroom Renewal Project upgraded centrally-bookable UCT classrooms. The equipment installed in each venue was dependent on the venue size. For more information, see the list of upgraded classrooms.

Note that only centrally-bookable classrooms were upgraded – not classrooms managed by faculties/departments.

For various reasons, some centrally-bookable classrooms were not upgraded during the project. See the full list of classrooms that weren't upgraded.

Why is there no data projector or document camera in my classroom?

See previous question. However, if you need a mobile unit for your lecture, request one from CSS.

How do I report broken air conditioners, blinds, furniture or equipment?

If there’s physical or structural damage (e.g. broken air conditioners, furniture, etc.), report the incident to the Properties and Services Helpdesk:

  • Phone: 021 650-4500, select option 2, then select option 2 again.
  • Log online report: Using Internet Explorer, open and fill out the BAS11 form online. (See form Help | Video)
How do I report broken audio-visual or IT equipment?
  • Upper, middle, lower and Hiddingh campuses: Contact the CSS helpdesk. If you send an email, if possible please include a photo of the broken item.
  • Health Sciences campus: Contact the Health Sciences Classroom Support team. If you send an email, if possible please include a photo of the broken item.
Can students use the classrooms, or classroom equipment, if no one else is in the room?

The answer depends on whether the room is managed by their department or if it’s centrally-bookable.

  • Departmentally-managed rooms: Students must contact their department to get permission.
  • Centrally- bookable rooms:
    • Room: Students may only use the room if they have booked it. See: Booking of centrally-bookable venues for details.
    • Audio-visual and IT equipment: Only authorised users may use the equipment. Students violating this policy may face disciplinary action. See  the "Classroom support services" section in UCT's General Rules and Policies handbook.

      Where students have booked the room via the official process, they also need to book the equipment and charges will apply.