The UCT Web Content Management System (Web CMS) has been specifically designed to meet the university’s web content requirements. This role-based system allows Content Managers to create, edit, upload and change content via an administrative dashboard called the Workbench.

Before gaining access to your website, all assigned role-players must attend the Web Content Management System training course. Once you have submitted your application for the migration of an existing website or the creation of a new website, you will need to schedule training for yourself and your content management team.

The Web Content Management System manual provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the platform. These manuals are used during the training sessions and can be used as reference material after training when creating your website.


Who should attend the course?

Any staff members who will be working on your website will need to attend the course. Only once you have completed the course, will you be given access to the Drupal platform so that you can build and manage your website.

How long is the course?

The UCT Web Content Management System - Foundation course is a 16 hour course that runs over four half-days.