ICTS’s Classroom Support Services team (CSS) provides assistance for centrally-bookable classrooms on upper, middle, lower and Hiddingh campuses.

What does CSS do?

CSS provides both reactive support - such as repairing faulty equipment - and proactive support, which helps to reduce technical faults that would otherwise delay lectures or hamper teaching time. CSS also maintains a pool of spare stock items so that audio-visual equipment can be quickly replaced or repaired as needed.

CSS Divisions

The CSS team consists three main groups:

Group Description
CSS Helpdesk A group dedicated to managing calls related to teaching venues.
CSS Onsite response

If your call requires physical intervention, a CSS onsite consultant is sent to your classroom to assist with equipment and technical matters.

This group also does the proactive support checks at the start and end of each day, and manages the movement of audio-visual equipment that is loaned between venues on campus.

CSS Maintenance and installation This group works with vendors and outsourced service providers to keep audio-visual equipment operational and in good condition.

Tasks outside the mandate of CSS

While CSS provides a wide range of services to UCT's teaching venues, the team is not responsible for all aspects of classroom support. CSS does not provide support for the following:

  • Centrally-bookable classrooms at Health Sciences Campus: Contact Health Sciences Classroom Support for assistance.
  • Departmentally-managed classrooms on all campuses: Contact the relevant department for assistance.
  • Computer labs: Contact the relevant lab administrator.
  • Physical or structural issues: For air conditioning, furniture and other non-audio visual / IT issues, contact Properties and Services.

CSS policies

When using centrally-bookable classrooms on campus, please abide by the UCT policies on Classroom Support Service. See  the "Classroom support services" section in UCT's General Rules and Policies handbook/

Contact CSS

  • Phone: (021) 650-4500 and select Option 2, then selection Option 1
  • Email: icts-css@uct.ac.za

If you need to escalate an unresolved query or complaint, please contact the CSS manager.