Procedure Writing

Workshop objectives

This workshop will teach you to:

  • Identify and write procedure statements

  • Differentiate between and write different kinds of procedure steps

  • Use the correct language for procedure steps

  • Use a recommended title format for procedures

  • Construct a decision table

  • Develop a set of numbered instructions

Workshop format

This workshop comprises the following:
1. Presentation and practical exercises (3-4 hours)
2. One-on-one follow up session (half an hour) 

In the follow up session we meet with participants to review a couple of examples of their work-related procedures and give them some pointers on improving them, and applying the template and procedure standards for steps and supporting information.


This workshop will equip you to write professional, well structured, easy-to-use procedures to suit your audience and purpose.

Process writing

Do you need to learn how to:
  • Identify process information

  • Download and use the UCT template for Microsoft Visio

  • Apply standards for language, shape, line, connectors, fonts and topic titles for flow charts

  • Draw business flow charts for multiple functional areas

  • Design a flowchart following a basic set of guidelines

Course format

This course comprises a workshop presentation interspersed by exercises (two and a half hours).


It will equip you to write professional, well structured processes to suit your audience and purpose.

To request a workshop for your area: 

Contact any member of the Content Architecture team, Systems Division either by email or call us on (021) 650 4335 / 3472.