To help ICTS service your request effectively, please ensure that you comply with the following prerequisites:

  • Fulfil the fundamental customer responsibilities.
  • Ensure that you are represented on the project team.
  • Determine your needs, budget for those needs and inform ICTS by the deadline listed in the project plan.
  • Secure any bridging finance required and notify ICTS of this fact by the deadline listed in the project plan.
  • Place equipment orders based on the lead times provided by ICTS.
  • Meet your deadline commitments and respond timeously and completely to all communication from ICTS.


Service request Service level target (working days)
Managing the lab project

Labs will open on time:

  • For academic teaching labs: One week before the start of orientation and at the end of the mid-year long vacation
  • For non-academic labs: by arrangement

Read the Core SLA FAQ for a detailed definition of Availability.