Please note that the Snapper tool is currently only supported on Windows computers. You can manage group activity on Mac and Android devices using the Skype for Business Mac and Android clients.  For more information on this, please refer to the Agents not using Snapper page. 

NOTE: When working remotely and using the Snapper, agents must use the UCT VPN service, as the server is only reachable via LAN.

Download and install the client

  1. Download the Snapper installation file from ICTS Downloads > Windows > Anywhere 365 >.
  2. Select the file Anywhere365 Snapper x64.
  3. Download the installation file.
  4. Extract the relevant file to a temporary location.
  5. Browse to the file location.
  6. Double-click the file to begin the installation.
  7. NOTE: The example below uses a Unified Contact Centre (UCC) named

  8. Confirm the name of the UCC you will be joining. You can find the name of all UCCs at UCT on this list.
  9. NOTE: The UCC naming convention at UCT is always ucc_departmentname.

  10. On the Welcome window click Next.
  11. Select the License agreement check box and click Next.
  12. Leave Custom Setup as default and click Next.
  13. Click Install.
  14. Select Launch Anywhere365 Snapper, and then click Finish.
  15. When the Snapper client launches, it will attach to your Skype for Business client.
  16. To find out more about using Snapper, read the comprehensive user guide.

Connect the Snapper to a UCC

  1. On the Snapper select the Settings button.
  2. Select the UCC Config tab then click Add UCC.
  3. Enter the UCC information for your contact centre.
  4. Enter the host name as
  5. Change the rest of the settings as depicted in the image below then click Save.
  6. The UCC is now configured.

Confirm the UCC is properly configured

  1. Select the Dashboard tab.
  2. To confirm that the agent is signed in:
  3. Click the Agent button as shown below. A tick next to the Log-off / Log-on button verifies that the Snapper is configured.
  4. You should also see live Call and Agent Statistics, as shown below.