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ICTS annual report

ICTS compiles an annual report which showcases the work that the department has done during the year as well as speak to people that we work with on and off campus.Click on the hyperlink to open a pdf version of the report.


ICTS runs a variety of surveys on an annual basis. These surveys are used as a tool to get feedback from campus on what they think of our services and what their experience has been using it.

UCT also participates in the annual EDUCAUSE Centre for Analysis and Research (ECAR) Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology.

Bits & Bytes newsletter

The ICTS Bits & Bytes monthly newsletter covered a range of ICT topics that could assist you in keeping up to date on the latest technology trends. The newsletters also included a range of tips and tricks to assist you in working more effectively, as well as an overview of the services that we offer. 

View the newsletter archive to see previous editions of Bits & Bytes. 

ICTS blog articles

Technology can assist you in using your time more efficiently, if you know how to go about doing it. These articles can therefore be used as a guide on how to be more aware when using social media, how to ensure that you and your belongings are safe, recommendations for sending emails, tips for working from and even how to handle the dreaded loadshedding.

ICTS Announcement Archive

View all the announcements sent to campus via the ICTS announce-l mailing list. These announcements:

  • Information about problems as they are discovered
  • Status of efforts to solve reported problems
  • Important changes to the network
  • Scheduled maintenance slots and upgrades for servers and services
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Important information about the network and its services

In the media

ICTS's staff members, along with ICT products and services are sometimes featured in UCT’s media. This may be due to the launch or upgrade to a new service, tips and tricks on how to do things more efficiently or about a campaign that is underway.


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ICTS Posters

The ICTS Communications team uses a range of communications tools to either promote a new service, run a campaign or inform campus about an event or survey that is currently underway. If you would like to see samples of these posters, please send an email to icts-feedback@uct.ac.za.