IT Service Desk

The IT service desk supports the UCT community with any ICT issues they may be having. The service desk is manned by experienced and competent support staff who rotate through different teams such as Helpdesk, Onsite support, Research & Development, Installations, etc. When you log a call with the IT service desk, a consultant will contact you and, should they need to, the consultant may your computer in order to help you solve your problem. In some cases, a consultant will be dispatched to your location to help you onsite. The IT service desk is also responsible for testing new software before its release to campus. They run the Front Office on upper campus and the Walk-in Helpdesk at ICTS in Mowbray.

How to get support

Log a call

ICTS uses ServiceNow to manage all ICT service requests at UCT. Staff members can use the Service Portal to log support calls, place orders and manage their ICT requests. ServiceNow Customer View is accessible from computers, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.

  1. Navigate to ServiceNow.
  2. Log on using your UCT username and password.
  3. Select the service for which you are logging a request (e.g. Security).
  4. Select the relevant option.
    • If there are sub-options, select the relevant sub-option.
  5. Fill out each section of the page then click Submit.
  6. Your request will be logged with ICTS.
Email us

We no longer manually answer or handle email sent to the address. Instead, our call management system, ServiceNow, automatically processes the request based on the sender’s email address. This means that if you log a call via email on behalf of someone else, the call will be logged on your name as it originates from your address. Likewise, if someone logs a call for you, you will not receive the follow-up messages as it would have been logged as their call.

For this reason, we encourage you to rather log an online call through the Service Portal.

Call us

You can phone the IT Service Desk if logging an online call is not possible or if you have an urgent incident that needs to be dealt with without delay.

  1. Call 021 650 4500 (extension 4500 from campus).
  2. For normal calls, select option 1 and for classroom support calls, option 2.

NOTE: Wherever possible, log a call online and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Please do not use MS Teams to log a call with the IT Service Desk

An increasing number of people have begun using unofficial channels to try and contact the IT Service Desk, such as Microsoft Teams calls or chats. 

We urge you not to do this as your calls may not be received in the correct manner and they could be missed, and support delayed.