Purchasing hardware and software

ICTS provides an acquisitions service, available to staff purchasing from a UCT Fund,  that includes sourcing and purchasing of computer hardware, software and computer accessories and peripherals. We offer advice on the best and most affordable solution to meet your needs and we ensure that all components conform and are compatible with the UCT standard and environment. This service includes free delivery and installation.

Our vendors are carefully chosen to ensure they offer the best products and services. Vendors for IT equipment are chosen through a periodic RFP (Request For Proposal) process which rigorous review and testing all aspects of the vendor’s technical capabilities, service level, product offering and quality of their products.

ICTS does not charge any mark-up or commission. The price we charge you is the purchase price from the vendor.

ICTS uses established vendor relationships to source competitively priced goods. Having access to a network of preferred vendors ensures that we are able to source almost anything IT-related. All desktop systems, monitors, and printers are fully supported and backed by the ICTS warranty plan.

How to place an order

  1. Log into the Service Portal at https://uct.service-now.com/sp
  2. Select Request Something on the menu bar.
  3. Select Hardware and Software Acquisitions on the left-hand menu.
  4. Browse the Service Catalogue for the items you require and place your order.
  5. Should the item you wish to purchase not appear in the catalogue, select the Acquisitions Query/Quotation option in the Service Catalogue and fill in the required details.