Remote desktop support is a method of support which allows a technician to view your desktop without actually being at your computer. It is made possible through Novell ZENworks, Bomgar or other desktop management technologies. Novell ZENworks was introduced to UCT to improve the troubleshooting turnaround times and the administration of computers at the university. Remote support means faster problem resolution times without someone having to come and visit your office.

Types of remote support

  • Remote view: This is where a technical consultant, located at the IT Helpdesk on Lower Campus, can remotely view a user's desktop in order to assist them. While on the phone to the user, they will issue instructions to the user to attempt to resolve the problem.
  • Remote control: This allows a technical consultant to carry out work on a user's machine via remote control (i.e. the consultant, located on Lower Campus, can control the user's desktop in order to carry out software investigations and fixes). The consultant will talk the user through what is happening telephonically.