Finding a printer

To access printer information:

  1. Go to the iPrint Webpage and log on using your network Username and Password.
  2. On the iPrint Client page:
    • Find the printer that you use.
    • Click the associated information button in the Information column.
    • The printer's information is displayed.

The information available for a printer is explained in the table below:



Printer's details

Page title

Printer name

Assigned name (e.g. "IPP00097")

Printer status

Printer State

Real-time status of the printer with reasons

Printer is accepting jobs

Whether it is accepting jobs ("Yes"/"No")

Jobs Scheduled

Number of jobs waiting in the job list

Printer information


Physical location of the printer


Any other description requested by the printer owner


Whether or not the printer does double-sided printing ("Yes"/"No")

Make and model

Manufacturer and model number

Supported document formats

Listing of document formats supported by the printer