Pink Drive

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ICTS has launched a Pink Drive this October. During this month, we’ll collect funds for two participating organisations: Pink Drive, and CANSA.

Will your team outshine the rest?

In our first fundraising initiative, each ICTS manager will have their own collection jar from Monday 8th October until Tuesday 23rd October. Simply donate your cash to the jar in this period and your team could be rewarded handsomely:

  • First prize: The team that collects the most money will get an ICTS-sponsored lunch delivered to them on Friday 26th October.
  • Second prize: The three teams who collect the most money will get to see their manager do one of the following on Friday 26th October: 
    • dress up as a superhero,
    • wear pyjamas to work, or
    • have the team spray their hair a different colour.

In addition, all ICTS directors will also have to participate in the activity on 26th October.

ICTS managers have agreed to these challenges, so if you’ve been itching to get revenge on your boss, here’s your ideal opportunity!

How to donate

Managers will keep their jars in their offices. You can drop off your donation directly with them. If they’re unavailable at the time, just email Abigail to pledge your amount, and arrange a time when you can drop it off with her.

Note that You don’t need to limit contributions to your own manager’s collection. You can donate to any manager’s jar.

Buy a ribbon for the cause

On Tuesday 23rd October, we’ll walk around the ICTS building selling pink ribbons in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Ribbons will cost R5 each (or whatever you can afford to donate), and you'll need to specify which manager you will be donating to.

Sweet treats for all on ICTS Pink Day

On Wednesday 31st October, we’ll hold an ICTS Pink Day, which includes a Cuppa for CANSA contribution. On that day, we ask you to dress up in something pink – with a prize for the best outfit. Also, when you go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea / coffee / anything else, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a cupcake. We’ll communicate details closer to the time.

Knowledge is power

While contributing to these great organisations, it’s also critical that we ourselves learn more about the health risks. Visit the CANSA website to find out more the top five cancers affecting women in South Africa. The information is also available in infographic form. ICTS ladies can book an appointment for CANSA’s Breast Examination Screening Day on 26th October – happening just two blocks away from our building in Mowbray.

We look forward to receiving your generous contributions, and trust that the incentives on offer are more than enough motivation for you to dig deep for this worthy cause.