How do I set up my electronic signature?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure you’re ready to sign a document at any time.


How much does one transaction cost?

Each transaction costs R20. Up to 25 signatories be included on a single transaction.


What if I have more than 25 signatories?

Where there are more than 25 signatories, a second transaction will be charged.


Why can’t I access Adobe Sign?

You need to ensure that you have been allocated a licence by logging a request with the ICTS Acquisitions team.


How do I know when my licence is active?

You will receive an email from Acrobat Sign with information on how to get started.


When should I use Adobe Fill and Sign and when should I use Adobe Acrobat Sign?

These are some examples of when each application could be used, but they may not apply in all circumstances.

Document category requiring signature Fill and Sign Acrobat Sign
Contracts with external vendor     
UCT admin forms for internal process (if low risk)    
UCT recruitment documents with applicant    
Financial process records/forms involving large amounts or senior executive approval    
Minutes of meetings and supporting documents    


Can I create a password for my document?

Yes, you using the Password Protect option. You have an option to send delegates a password. This is done manually, and Acrobat Sign does not capture the password. So, if you use this option, please ensure that you remember the password.


How do I remind individuals to sign a document?

The Set reminder option allows you to determine how frequently reminder messages should be sent.


What file types are allowed on Adobe Sign?

You can attach multiple files for signature for the Adobe Sign library, online storage, or your computer. Acceptable files include: 

  • Word 
  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint 
  • PDF 
  • JPG 
  • GIF 
  • TIF 
  • PNG 
  • BMP 
  • TXT 
  • RTF 
  • HTML 

Once the applicable files have been added, click Attach.  Acrobat Sign will then combine these into one PDF document, which you add form fields to by clicking Preview & Add Signature. At the very least you need to add a signature field for each recipient. There are also additional fields to choose from. 


Is there a size limit for files in Adobe Sign?

Yes, the size limit for file uploads in Adobe Acrobat Sign is 10MB.


What naming convention should I use for Adobe Acrobat Sign files at UCT?

We recommend using a standard naming convention for all files sent using Acrobat Sign. This will help you group records according to organisational area, function and/or record type:
<Org unit acronym, e.g. ICTS>_<Contract/form name, e.g. HR100>_<iso date format, e.g. 2022-06-05> = ICTS_HR200_2022-06-05


Have more questions about Acrobat sign?

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