Who do we support?

We support the following groups of people:

  • All staff members
  • All students, postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  • All third parties
  • Retirees (support for email only)
How is the priority of calls decided?

We first tackle incidents which have the greatest negative impact to the running of UCT business.

In cases where capacity is limited and some calls have to be given priority over others, calls are then assigned based on the criteria below.

  • The number of users affected by the incident reported.
  • The urgency of the job being affected or impeded by the incident to the university as a whole.
  • The staffing level of the caller and how vital their work (and the severity of disruption) is to the university as a whole.
What operating systems does the Service Desk support?

UCT is currently overseeing the upgrade of campus to Windows 10. Windows is the operating system with the largest footprint in most enterprises, including UCT.

Apple consists of OSX for desktop computing and iOS for mobile computing. ICTS provides support for both these platforms.

Linux operating systems are usually used in specialised instances. There were originally plans for ICTS to offer full support to Linux users, but the demand was too low for us to maintain a skill level for this support alone. We are able to support Linux users, but incident resolution may take a little longer than with the other operating systems.