The icts-announce-l mailing list keeps those who are interested, informed about scheduled maintenance, known problems affecting large numbers of users that are being investigated by ICTS, system changes, project and general information.

Typical examples of the sort of information that is provided via this mailing list are:

  • Information about problems as they are discovered
  • Status of efforts to solve reported problems
  • Important changes to the network
  • Scheduled maintenance slots and upgrades for servers and services
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • SAP unavailability information
  • Important information about the network and its services

Unsubscribe from icts-announce-l

You can choose to leave the group by following these instructions.

  1. Navigate to, and if prompted log on with your student/ and UCT password.
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. In the left pane where your Inbox and Sent Items are listed, scroll down to Groups. Select the applicable group that you want to leave and click the three dots ... below Members.
    groups more menu
  4. Click Settings > Leave group.

Access the list Archives

All messages sent to icts-announce-l are saved in the group's mailbox.

Send emails from the icts-announce-l mailing list

The list is a one-way announcement list and a limited number of people have rights to post to the list. This includes some automated systems. ICTS staff ensures that the group is kept informed by posting any relevant information.