Terms of use: Microsoft 365 for students

terms and conditions

Microsoft 365 may only be installed on personal devices. You will have access to Office 365 for as long as you are a registered student at UCT. You will need to authenticate your account once every 30 days to verify that you are still eligible for the software. Should you neglect to do this, your licence may go into reduced functionality mode which will only allow you to view and print documents. A Product Deactivated dialog box will appear and to reactivate your licence you need to click Sign In and enter your UCT email address and password to reactivate your product.

The software may not be downloaded onto computers situated in student computing labs, or on any other UCT-owned machines, as this would contravene the terms of use and will use up one of the user licences.

Once you graduate, your licence will expire and you will no longer be able to use the software. You will retain read-only access to your Microsoft Office files.