When do charges apply?

The Classroom Support Services team (CSS) provides equipment and onsite support for centrally-bookable UCT classrooms. For most UCT teaching and learning activities, no charges are levied.

However, under certain circumstances, charges will be levied for the use of the equipment in the classroom and for any support provided. The table below summarises charges applicable to the CSS service:

Event type Charges for classroom support? Charges for equipment?
Lectures, exams & tests (office hours and after hours) No No
Prestige events (e.g. inaugural & VC open lectures) No No
Non time-tabled UCT teaching and learning activities (e.g. orientation) No No
Third parties, private & for-profit events Yes Yes
If you're unsure about whether your event will incur charges, ask the CSS team.

Charges will also be levied for any the following:

  • use of CSS equipment in departmentally-managed classrooms
  • cost of repair/replacement where CSS equipment has been lost/damaged due to negligence
  • dedicated support provided by CSS staff for the duration of a lecture or event, regardless of the event type

Rules for using centrally-bookable classrooms

If you want to use centrally-bookable UCT classrooms, you must abide by the university policies on Classroom support services. See  the "Classroom support services" section in UCT's General Rules and Policies handbook.

Requesting additional equipment (for UCT teaching activities)

Equipment may vary from classroom to classroom. If you need something specific for your lecture:

  1. Check the Classroom information database to find out what equipment your classroom already has.
  2. If you need additional items, fill out the CSS request form and send it to icts-css@uct.ac.za.
    (Please fill out the form using Adobe Reader. Do not fill it out in your web browser.)

Please submit your request at least 48 hours before the lecture or event.

Requesting support and equipment (for private, for-profit and third party events)

When classrooms are used for private, for-profit and third party events, CSS charges for classroom support and the use of classroom equipment. To get a quote for support and/or equipment:

  1. Make sure you’ve already booked the classroom via the Venue Bookings department.
  2. Review the Classroom Support Services price list for an idea of what is available and latest costs.
  3. At least 48 hours before the event, fill out the CSS request form and email it to icts-css@uct.ac.za, along with your Venue Bookings confirmation. (Please fill out the form using Adobe Reader. Do not fill it out in your web browser.)