What features does WordPress at UCT offer me?

While WordPress offers a wide range of features, add-ons and plugins to private users, UCT users will be restricted and won’t be able to install additional plugins. You will however receive a host of amazing features, including:

  • Built-in features:

    • Breadcrumbs for navigation
    • The ability to import content from an RSS feed
    • An events calendar
    • Two new custom themes based on TwentyFourteen and TwentyFifteen from WordPress
    • An Instagram feed
    • Active Directory Integration
    • Advanced Access Manager
  • Plug-ins:

    • A “dynamic feature” animated slider (Meta Slider)
    • A form builder (Ninja Forms)
    • Reusable custom tables (TablePress)
How does WordPress work?

There is a mine of information for WordPress users - with comprehensive information and discussions on the WordPress forum.

There is also the WordPress essential training course available on LinkedIn Learning that you may find useful.