The following price lists cover the services we offer over and above our standard offering to you.

These include:

NOTE: The following prices are subject to change.

Networking Services

Local and wide area network

Installation or move of network connectivity points


Installation incl fly lead:  

R 2 750

Indoor transfer (move):   

R 825

3m fly lead: additional or replacement: 

R 350

5m fly lead: additional or replacement:

R 450

Repair of network connectivity points:

R 583

Core IT Systems

Additional file space on central storage

R240.00 per Terabyte per month with a minimum period of 12 months (payment will be required upfront for researchers). Please contact us for more options on storage requirements exceeding 3 years.

File recovery

Recovery of data stored on central servers within 14 calendar days

Restore request per service

Cost per restore

Data restore
(F: or G: drive)


Phone services

UCT telephone line and extension with a basic handset

Installation of a new line              

 See: Installation or move of network connectivity points
(excludes monthly rental)

Moving an existing non-UCT line (same building or new building


See: Installation or move of network connectivity points

Telephone Line Rental  

R130 per month

Chargeable telephone calls made per month (note: calls to internal UCT extensions are free - see UCT phone numbers)             

Current vendor rate

Accessories (purchase price)

Quoted at the time of order



Classroom Support Services


Price per item

Internal (UCT)

External (non-UCT)

Data projectors

R260 per day

R1000 per day excl. VAT

PA system

R325 per day

R600 per day excl. VAT

Microphones and receivers

R160 per day

R250 per day excl. VAT

Portable screen

R65 per day

R550 per day excl. VAT

Fixed PC

R180 per day

R295 per day excl. VAT

Document camera

R120 per day

R240 per day excl. VAT


R170 per day

R200 per day excl. VAT

Microphone stand

R50 per day

R70 per day excl. VAT

Dedicated support (Normal hours)

R417 per hour

R493 per hour excl. VAT

Dedicated support (After hours)

R625 per hour

R740 per hour excl. VAT

Dedicated support (Sundays & public holidays) R833 per hour R986 per hour excl. VAT

Note: If you require a desktop PC or laptop, please book it separately via the ICTS Equipment Rental Service.