The Everlytic communications platform allows you to send bulk emails and SMSs to specific target audiences. Using its advanced technology, you can then track what happens with each communication that you send.

At UCT, numerous faculties and departments are already using this pay-per-use platform to send campus updates and newsletters to their specific target audiences.

Manage mailing lists

Everlytic allows you to import contact details in bulk. You can either import lists for each target audience or do one bulk upload and assign people to groups thereafter. Once uploaded you can easily move individuals from one group to another and manage new subscriptions and unsubscribes via the dashboard.

Email capabilities

When you send an email via Everlytic, it tracks who opened your email, and what action they took, such as what links they clicked, and what part of the email they read or just skimmed over. The platform also tracks how many times a reader opened an email and if they forwarded it on to another contact.

What’s nice about using Everlytic is that you can build your own email template using its drag-and-drop feature. Alternatively, you can import your own customised template.

Once the layout is done, test emails can be sent to ensure the email is correctly configured for computers and mobile devices. Thereafter, an email can be sent to your line manager for final approval before sending to your target audiences.

This kind of technology therefore plays a significant role in communicating more effectively with target audiences by adapting communication methods to suit readers’ needs and using automation to respond to their actions.

Send bulk SMSs

In addition to sending emails, Everlytic has bulk SMS functionality. This can be used as an additional marketing tool to quickly contact target audiences in the event of an emergency or to remind them of an important event or action they need to take. Similar to email, SMSs can be customised. It also tracks all replies, unsubscribes and who actioned an SMS such as clicked a link. Delivery and bounce reports are then made available via the dashboard.

You can even send an SMS and link to an email or landing page containing more information.

When to use Everlytic

Everlytic provides you with the ideal communication solution to generate tailored communication. We recommend using this platform to send

  • urgent or important communications to campus

  • Newsletters

  • Event communication

It is worthwhile noting that you pay for each email and message that you send, so it is essential that you carefully consider when to use this platform compared to using a standard mailing list.

Get access to Everlytic

UCT subscribes to Everlytic, however, each department has their own account that they manage. This allows each department to use their own fund and cost centre numbers to pay for sent emails and SMSs.

If you’re interested in using this service, please log a call with the IT Helpdesk to find out more.

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