Introduction to Anywhere 365 at UCT

UCT uses Anywhere365 software as a Unified Contact Centre (UCC) solution.

Why Anywhere 365?

This solution is a versatile and powerful package. It contains many features which enable our UCCs to interact with customers across various channels via a central point . These include inbound and outbound voice calls as well as instant messaging.

Anywhere365 provides managers and supervisors with the ability to monitor the performance of contact centres and available consultants in real time, regardless of location. It allows our consultants to remotely provide the best and most comprehensive support to end-users, which means lower call-waiting times, fewer bottlenecks, and higher customer satisfaction.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, UCT contact centres remained active and were very busy, with consultants and managers working remotely. This has been enabled by our use of the Anywhere 365 solution.

Who uses it?

Anywhere 365 currently services over thirty UCT contact centres, including the UCT Switchboard and the IT Service Desk. It is integrated with Skype for Business, which means that the contact centre is available to agents (customer service consultants) and supervisors (managers), no matter where they are working from.

What are the benefits of Anywhere 365?

Anywhere365 offers many new features and benefits, including the following:

  • Native Skype for Business and Teams integration: The system leverages Skype for Business for all call functionality, instead of a separate IPCM. All calls in the contact centres are answered and managed through Skype for Business.
  • Insight into customer journey, providing contextual information: When a call is answered, the consultant can track the full interaction history with that customer, including whom they’ve interacted with before.
  • Full omni-channel contact centre: The system handles not just calls, but can also pull in web chat, emails, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chats. Multiple dialogues are streamed into one platform, giving you a bigger picture of customers’ interactions and requirements.
  • CRM integration: The system integrates fully with ServiceNow. When a call is received, the platform recognises the caller and will pull up customer information – including any calls they have open in ServiceNow.

Features of Anywhere 365

Inflight Snapper

This advanced agent and supervisor dashboard includes the following features:

  • Dashboard: Gives you a quick overview of your contact centre.
  • Agent Overview: Displays a consultant’s presence, picture, name, and status.
  • Calls Overview: Gives a real-time overview of all current calls connected to the Unified Contact Centre (UCC), including queued calls.

Reception Desk

A user-friendly console that supports everything a receptionist or consultant needs, such as queues, break-in, hold, transfer and fallback, and visitor registration.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows callers to interact with the system via the telephone keypad, after which they can service their own enquiries or will be redirected to a consultant by following dialogue prompts.

Advanced reporting features

The Call and Dialogue Intelligence of Anywhere365 is a collection of useful reports combined into a browser-like interface. There are many reports to choose from, including consultant reports, call reports, contact reports and more.

Inflight Wallboard (real-time monitoring)

A graphical interpretation of your contact centre, displaying real-time information about consultants and queues. The information adapts itself to the rate of active conversations and gives insight on real-time stats.

For a full rundown of the product’s features and benefits, visit the Anywhere365 website.