Word Essential skills

Word Intermediate skills Word Advanced skills

Prerequisite: Good working knowledge of Windows is essential.

Prerequisite: Good working knowledge of Windows is essential. Prerequisite: Completion of Word Intermediate course

Duration: 12 hours

Duration: 12 hours Duration: 12 hours


  • UCT staff: R600
  • External: R1200      


  • UCT staff: R600
  • External: R1200      


  • UCT staff: R600
  • External: R1200      

Lesson 1: Understanding Word

  • Work with tools (Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, etc.)

  • Create a document 

  • Save a document 

  • Work with templates 

  • Preview and print a document 


Lesson 2: Basic editing

  • Change and organise document views 

  • Navigate and search a document 

  • Cut, copy, and paste text 

  • Change information in properties inspecting documents 


Lesson 3: Character Formatting

  • Format characters manually 

  • Use format painter 

  • Format text with styles 

  • Insert text, symbols and special characters

  • Remove text formatting 


Lesson 4: Paragraph formatting

  • Set line spacing in text and between paragraphs 

  • Create and format a bulleted list 

  • Create and format a numbered list 


Lesson 5: Create tables

  • Create a table 

  • Format a table 

  • Manage tables  


Lesson 6: Proof a document

  • Check spelling and grammar

  • Use the Thesaurus 


Lesson 7: Print a Word document

  • Preview and print a document

Lesson 1: Manage lists

  • Sort lists
  • Create and format a bulleted list
  • Create, format and renumber lists


Lesson 2: Manage text flow

  • Set page layout
  • Work with breaks
  • Set up columns


Lesson 3: Create tables

  • Format a table
  • Manage a table (perform calculations, sort data)
  • Create charts


Lesson 4: Work with themes, style sets, backgrounds, quick parts, and text boxes 

  • Format, create, and customise a theme 

  • Format a document using style sets 

  • Format a document’s background 

  • Apply and manipulate text boxes 

  • Insert a special character 


Lesson 5: Use illustrations and graphs

  • Insert, format and modify pictures in a document
  • Insert and format icons, shapes and SmartArt


Lesson 6: Use mail merge

  • Use the mail merge feature
  • Create a data source using Word and Excel preview
  • Print a document

Lesson 1 :Collaborate on documents

  • Use Word online
  • Save Word documents to OneDrive
  • Review a document
  • Use track changes and comments


Lesson 2: Manage document versions

  • Compare document versions
  • Revert back to earlier document versions


Lesson 3: Work with references

  • Insert bookmarks
  • Insert footnotes and endnotes
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Add citations and a bibliography


Lesson 4: Format a research paper/simplify long documents

  • Create citations
  • Add citations
  • Insert footnotes and endnotes
  • Create a table of contents
  • Insert a cover page
  • Create and modify headers/footers
  • Create bookmarks


Lesson 5: Use macros

  • Create a macro
  • Automate tasks using macros



Work with long documents

Create a table of contents and index

Mail merge workshop

Work with templates and styles

Duration: 3 hours   Duration: 3 hours   Duration: 3 hours 

Duration: 3 hours 

  • Control formatting in a collaborative document
  • Manage long documents using bookmarks

  • Efficiently navigate long documents

  • Include sections and page breaks

    • Troubleshoot frequent problems

  • Insert a table of contents

  • Track and accept changes

  • Advanced formatting

  • Format multi-column documents

  • Use tabs and tables for layout

  • Organise documents

  • Create a table of contents

  • Create an index

  • Generate a table of figures

  • Create custom documents with mail merge

  • Use data sources and set up main document

  • Edit main document

  • Set up labels and envelopes

  • Print mail merge documents

  • Use Word templates, styles and page breaks

  • Create and use templates

  • Create, apply and modify templates

  • Insert and troubleshoot page breaks