As an offshoot of the Network Renewal Programme, ICTS is introducing Network Access Control (NAC) mechanisms on the UCT wired network across campus. NAC will enhance network security on campus and help us to align with our cyber insurer’s requirements, and comply with  a range of local and international standards and legislation. This new feature will ensure that every device connecting to our network via cable is authenticated and that the user or device owner can be identified by their UCT network account. It will also pave the way for network segmentation – an upcoming security measure which will further enhance control around access to specific UCT servers and services. 

When will this happen?

The change will be applied to all buildings on campus over the course of 2024, as per the schedule posted on this page.

What do I need to do?

If your device connects wirelessly, you don’t need to take action.

However, if you connect any device on campus using a network cable, you will need to configure that device by the deadline communicated to your specific building.

To do so, please follow the instructions below relevant to your operating system for each wired device you use on campus:

Important: This applies only to wired devices you personally use. It does not apply to shared or special-purpose devices – such as TVs, printers, projectors, video conferencing equipment, etc. We will deal with these separately.

What if I work remotely?

If you come into the office occasionally, but you don't use a wired connection there, you don't need to do anything.

However, if you do use a wired connection in your office, you will need to complete the configuration steps the next time you come into the office. Alternatively, if you need to remote into your machine, log a call for assistance.

Enablement schedule

Building Enablement date
ICTS on Main Completed 18th April 2024
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Completed 9th May 2024
UCT Tennis Club Completed 20th May 2024
Educare Centre Completed 20th May 2024
Nursery Completed 20th May 2024
Geological Sciences Extension (Traffic) Completed 20th May 2024
Maintenance Place  Completed 20th May 2024
Kaplan Centre / Rachel Bloch House Completed 30th May 2024
Harry Oppenheimer Completed 30th May 2024
Otto Beit Completed 30th May 2024
Cambria House Scheduled for 31st May 2024
Linkoping staff Completed 31st May 2024
Fuller Hall Completed 3rd June 2024
Upper Campus Residence (Smuts) Completed 3rd June 2024
Linkoping residence Scheduled for 3rd June 2024
Irma Stern Museum Completed 4th June 2024
Welgelegen Completed 4th June 2024
Burnage Completed 5th June 2024
Isaac Albow Child Guidance Clinic Completed 5th June 2024
Baxter Hall Completed 6th June 2024
Graca Machel Hall Completed 6th June 2024
Tugwell Hall Completed 7th June 2024
Leo Marquard Hall Completed 7th June 2024
Kopano Residence Scheduled for 10th June 2024
The Woolsack Scheduled for 10th June 2024
Baxter SLC Completed 11th June 2024
Fitness Centre (new Gym & Change Rooms) Scheduled for 11th June 2024
Beattie Scheduled for 13th June 2024
AC Jordan Scheduled for 14th June 2024
Environmental & Geographical Science Scheduled for 17th June 2024
Huriǂoaxa (Hoerikwaggo) Scheduled for 18th June 2024
Steve Biko Scheduled for 18th June 2024
H.W.Pearson (Botany) Scheduled for 19th June 2024
Maths Scheduled for 19th June 2024
Molecular Biology Scheduled for 20th June 2024
Chris Hani Scheduled for 20th June 2024
Hlanganani Scheduled for 24th June 2024
Jagger Scheduled for 24th June 2024
Menzies  Scheduled for 28th June 2024
Chemical Engineering Scheduled for 2nd July 2024
New Engineering Building Scheduled for 4th July 2024
Sarah Baartman Hall Scheduled for 5th July 2024
Sports Centre Scheduled for 5th July 2024
RW James Scheduled for 9th July 2024
John Day (Zoology) Scheduled for 11th July 2024
Graduate School of Humanities Scheduled for 15th July 2024
New Lecture Theatre Scheduled for 15th July 2024
* More buildings will be added to the schedule in due course.