The ICTS Training team offers a number of Microsoft Teams online sessions to help you get acquainted with this powerful collaboration tool. There are also a few related to Office 365 applications and how it integrates with Teams.

If you have a query regarding information essions or about ICT training, please contact the ICTS Training team by sending an email to, or book a consultation with a trainer at no cost via their online booking form.

    Past sessions

    • Microsoft Teams
      • Get started with Microsoft Teams
      • Manage meetings
      • Manage meeting resources after the meeting (recordings, notes, etc.)
      • Teams meetings: presenter layouts, live presentation screen sharing, switching cameras, and handy tips and tricks.
      • Breakout room management
      • Work with apps
      • Microsoft Teams recordings
      • Advanced chat features in Teams
      • Screen sharing tips
      • Microsoft Teams latest features
      • Work with files and online storage in Teams
      • Microsoft Teams: polls and quizzes
      • Microsoft Teams: the basics
      • Using teams, channels, and tabs
      • Microsoft Teams: top 10 new features
      • Microsoft Teams: latest updates and time saving features
      • Apps, bots and connectors in Teams: what does it all mean?
      • Live collaborations in Teams chat
      • There is more to Teams than just messaging
      • Digging deeper in Teams
      • Teams for academics
        • Create a virtual learning environment
        • Manage meetings
        • Set up teams and create class notebooks
        • Manage notebooks and work with apps
    • PowerPoint
      • Take your PowerPoint skills to the next level
      • Narration and screen recordings in PowerPoint
      • Level up your Microsoft PowerPoint skills 
    • Microsoft Stream
      • Internal video-sharing platform
    • Microsoft Bookings
      • Manage appointments
    • Microsoft Sway
      • Discover its website capabilities
      • New kid on the block
    • Microsoft apps
      • What's available and when to use them
      • Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft FindTime
      • Task Management with Microsoft Planner, Tasks, and To Do 
      • Microsoft Teams meetings and PowerPoint 
      • Brainstorm using Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Workflow 
      • Use your time effectively with the help of Microsoft Insights, Viva and Reflect 
    • OneNote
      • Ideal for learning, teaching and everyday use
      • Manage your notebooks in OneNote 
    • LinkedIn Learning
      • Update your skillset with LinkedIn Learning 
    • Get to grips with Microsoft 365 Groups

    • Email security 

    • Specifically for academics

      • Get familiar with Microsoft 365 Education and Teams
      • Explore the Office 365 suite part one
      • Explore the Office 365 suite part two

    Session recordings

    All of the presented sessions have been recorded and are available on the ICTS Training channel on Microsoft Stream.

    If you have not set up Microsoft Teams as yet, you can do so by following these instructions.

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