The following is a list of all the Unified Contact Centres (UCC) at UCT. Please consult this list to obtain the correct name for your UCC.


Description UCC Name
Medicines Information Hotline mic_hotline
UCT Managed Print Services ucc_mps
Medicines Information Centre mic_centre
UCT law exams ucc_law_exams
HIV and TB HealthCare hiv_tb_healthcare
UCT Student Records ucc_stdntrecords
UCT Student Support a365_student_support
Humanities Undergraduate Office ucc_humanities_ug
UCT Admissions Office ucc_admissions
UCT Refugee Clinic ucc_refugee_clinic
ICTS WPS ucc_icts_wps
UCT Access Control ucc_access_control
IAPO Support and Operations Office ucc_iapo_sso
UCT Zoology ucc_zoology
Medical School Postgraduate Office ucc_medical_pg
HSFIT ucc_hsfit
UCT COVID-19 Information Centre ucc_covid-19
NBT - National Benchmark Test Centre ucc_nbt
HIV and TB Hotline ucc_hiv_tb_hotline3
CSS Helpdesk ucc_css_helpdesk
IT Helpdesk ucc_it_helpdesk
ICTS Helpdesk ucc_it_Helpdesk
Switchboard ucc_switchboard
SHAAS ucc_shaas
UCT COVID-19 Student Information Centre ucc_covid19_studenthotline
UCT - Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching ucc_cet
SATVI - South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Worcester Field Site Office ucc_satvi_cw
Irma Stern Museum ucc_irmastern
ICTS Communications and Marketing ucc_icts_comms
UCT Student Financial Aid ucc_finaid
International Academic Programmes Office ucc_iapo
UCT Law Examinations Centre  
ICTS Front Office ucc_icts_frontoffice
UCC PS CPS ucc_ps_cps
UCC PS MO ucc_ps_mo
UCT Fees Office ucc_stdntfees
UCT COVID-19 Staff Information Centre ucc_covid19_staff_centre