Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for consideration in our first ICTS TV themed exhibition. We received close to 200 submissions, and narrowed the selection down to 19 - which ran during the week of 29th July 2019.

To make the exhibition more interactive, we asked ICTS staff to vote for their favourite pictures. Only one vote was allowed per category, and staff needed to sign in to their UCT Google account so that we could record their vote.

There were 2 galleries:

The winning pictures

With all the votes tallied, the winners are:

Best Sunrise Picture Best Sunset Picture
Kalk Bay by Nelis Lamprecht Quiver Tree Forest by Andre Stander

Congratulations to Nelis and Andre, who have both received prizes for their winning entries.

Upcoming exhibitions

We hope to run further exhibitions in future to showcase the creative talents of ICTS staff. The following categories have been identified:

  • Masterpiece: Paintings, drawings, or digital artwork.
  • Mightier than the sword: Poetry or other creative writings.
  • Around the world: Pictures from your local and international travel.

We also welcome suggestions for other themes, so please let us know what else you'd like to see.

Exact dates haven’t been decided for when each exhibition will run, but if you have anything that fits these themes, please send it to the ICTS Feedback email account and we'll consider it for use when appropriate.

We have a few prizes left to offer the winner(s) – so don’t be shy to send in your entries.

You can also remain anonymous if you wish: your name won't be displayed on the screens, but you will still be eligible to win a prize.

Submissions are always open

Aside from these themed exhibitions, we accept submissions throughout the year, so you’re always welcome to share your content with us. We might not be able to publish all submissions, but we really appreciate all content we receive from ICTS staff – so please do send us the items in these categories:

  • Pictures: Send in amazing photos or artwork. These can be either your own work, or images you’ve found somewhere else. We’re looking for landscape-oriented pictures, preferably 1920 x 1080 in size or bigger. Please include a caption explaining the image. Note that we won’t use images of people, but feel free to send anything else – such as striking shots of nature, urban landscapes, etc.
  • Motivational quotes: We all need inspiration sometimes, so if you’ve saved some uplifting quotes, send them in. The quotes can include a graphic, if you have one available.
  • Did you know? If you have a special talent to tell others about, or any interesting bits of info that you want to share with ICTS colleagues, let us know. We’ll make sure that others in the building find out about it.
  • Humour: Found a funny or insightful work-related cartoon or graphic? Send it to us (along with the original source), and we’ll consider publishing it. (Remember to keep it clean, though .)
  • Other news: If you have any achievements or major life events you want to share, please send us the info.

Simply send your content to the ICTS Feedback email account.