With faxes no longer as popular as they once were, ICTS decommissioned the RightFax service on 25th January 2023. Communication has been sent to all RightFax users in this regard.

How does this affect me?

Note that this applies only to those who use the RightFax service.

1.    If you have any important faxes saved in your UCT RightFax account, please send an email to Rightfax@uct.ac.za by 20th January 2023. We will then export your faxes and send them to you.
2.    You will no longer be able to access RightFax as of 26th January 2023.
3.    If you have a direct fax number, you will no longer be charged a monthly rental fee.

Need help?

If you require assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk.