As part of our drive to bolster IT security at the university, ICTS has added multi-factor authentication (MFA) to the UCT Virtual Private Network (VPN) as of Wednesday 30th November 2022.

How does it affect me?

  1. Whenever you access the AnyConnect application, the dropdown menu will contain two options. Please use the option.
  2. A browser will then open, asking you to log in with your UCT credentials. Log in using your and password.
  3. Complete the MFA authentication using the method you previously set up (i.e. either the authenticator app, or via a verification code sent to you by SMS).
  4. Upon successful authentication, Accept the VPN terms of service.
  5. You are now connected to the UCT VPN.

Need help?

If you require assistance with the VPN or MFA, please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.