Assignments and Grades features to be disabled in Microsoft Teams

30 Mar 2023
30 Mar 2023

The Assignments and Grades features in Microsoft Teams will be disabled as of Friday, 14 April 2023.  

Both features are available in the Amathuba and Vula learning management systems, which is supported by the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT). Students are also more attuned to getting their assignments, assessments, and grades, from Amathuba and Vula, instead of Teams. This more consistent approach will lead to a better student experience. 


All new teams created in Microsoft Teams will no longer include the Assignments and Grades features as of Friday, 14 April 2023. These features and its saved content will also no longer be available on any existing teams from this date. 

Export assignments and grades in Microsoft Teams by 13 April 

Export grades and feedback 
  1. Open Microsoft Teams and click Assignments > Returned
  2. Select the applicable assignment name and click Returned
  3. Click the ... (more options menu) on top and select Export to Excel
Export student submissions from Microsoft Teams Assignments tool 
  1. Navigate to the General channel  and click Files
  2. Click ... (more options menu next to Download) in the top bar and select Open in SharePoint
  3. The Documents tab opens. Click the Site contents tab. 
  4. Select all sub-folders in the Student Work folder and click Download.  
Export grades from Grades tool 
  1. Navigate to a class team and click Grades > Export to Excel
  2. Once downloaded, open the Excel document to ensure everything is in order. 

Request assistance

The CILT Team will be able to assist you with exporting your data and setting up new assessments in either Vula or Amathuba. Please contact them for assistance via email at by Wednesday, 12 April 2023.