Handsets and headsets usage at UCT

19 Mar 2024
Phone and Headsets
19 Mar 2024

UCT has implemented a new handset and headset profiling strategy to streamline unified communication and optimise the device allocation process.

UCT staff members – including those who work on contact centres (i.e., helpdesk, switchboard) – are provided with headsets to enhance collaboration and communication, particularly with the integration capabilities of Microsoft Teams call functionality.

Common areas, such as reception areas, security stations, and labs, are equipped with standardised Polycom handsets that offer basic voice communication.

The guidelines for using handsets and headsets at UCT provide more information on warranty, the technical support framework, procurement process, and maintenance of the devices.

Old Polycom handsets to be disconnected from UCT network

Over the past few months, ICTS has been replacing the Polycom VVX310 handsets as they no longer receive software updates and security patches from the vendor. Therefore posing a potential security risk to the UCT network.

The new replacement model, the Polycom CCX400, features a touchscreen and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams for managing phone calls. This model, which will only be used in common areas, comes with comprehensive manufacturer support and ensures a smooth and secure communication experience.

What you need to do

If you are currently using the old VVX310 handset, please log a call to exchange your Polycom device by Friday, 12 April 2024. The VVX310 model will no longer work after this deadline. You can, however, continue to make and receive calls via Microsoft Teams. 

If you require a handset, please log a call to retain your telephonic handset. Your device will be exchanged with a Polycom CCX400 model, which will be configured accordingly. This request will require approval from your Head of Department (HOD) before ICTS can provide assistance. It's important to note that there will be an ongoing cost incurred by your department to get a new handset.